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If you’re still Christmas shopping, check out these last-minute gifts! You can get these in store or delivered to you the very same-day! (90 mins or less in select areas)

Best of all, these gifts are affordable! Use the money you’ll save to spoil yourself too. These are handy as back-up presents if you’re attending any holiday parties this year. These cannabis presents are guaranteed to make anyone’s Christmas extra special.

Top 10 Cannabis Gifts of 2022 at the Sanctuary

Merry Christmas by Camino
All the feels of Christmas Morning in a gummy bite!

  • Holiday Punch 100mg Gummies by Camino – $23
    • Get all the feels of Christmas Morning with energizing terpenes plus notes of cranberry and cinnamon that will have you leaping out of bed with joyful anticipation.
  • Orange Peels 3.5g Indoor by Ember Valley – $55
  • Kringle Krunch 100mg popcorn
    Kringle’s Krunch 100mg popcorn at the Sanctuary! Christmas popcorn for adults.

    Kringle Krunch 100mg Popcorn by Heavenly Sweets -$20

    • Cinnamon coated gourmet Christmas popcorn with white chocolate and nonpareils
  • 1g Yerbiez Diamonds by Globs – $30
    •  The sweet, pine profile of this Blueberry Muffin x White Durban cross is the stuff of myths. Energetic and fun, Yerbiez keeps you merry and bright.
  • Green Apple 100mg Drink by Mary Jones – $25
    • If you love classic Jones sodas, Mary Jones Green Apple soda is a euphoric drink that you’ll absolutely enjoy with friends and family rockin’ around the Christmas Tree this year. 
  • Snow MD 3.5g Diamond Infused Indoor – $65
    • This nug looks like its covered in snow thanks to the highest-grade diamond extraction method creating this must-have Infused indoor 8th. 

"Snow-covered" diamond infused indoor flower by Snow MD
“Snow-covered” diamond infused indoor flower by Snow MD

  • Amore Aphrodisiac 100mg Chocolate by Sensi – $25
    • Better than mistletoe, these chews offer a happy, romantic and intimate Christmas evening with your significant other! The active ingredients in Amore Chews are: THC, which reduces pain, stress, and quiets the mind; and Tongkat Ali, which is a strong, natural, ancient antioxidant and aphrodisiac.
  • Rejuvenate Rub 1:1 60ml by Kind – $40
    • Wellness lotions are thoughtful gifts for Grandparents and those suffering from pain or skin ailments. Treat them to this 250mg THC/CBD rub for your skin that contains real roses, lavender, comfrey root, chamomile and marigold among other botanicals. It’s a fantastic product to have around all year long because it also helps with topical skin issues including: cuts, scrapes, bruises, rashes, inflammation, swelling, bug bites, sunburns, burns, dry skin, psoriasis, eczema, sensitive skin, rosacea, shingles, gout and arthritis, melanoma or skin spots.
      kind rub rejuvenate
      Rejuvenate and heal yourself with Kind rub at the Sanctuary!
  • Dole Whip Blunt 2.3g Dynomite Stick by Napalm – $45
    • This hemp wrap blunt burns cleaner than a Christmas Candle with 0.3g of live resin and 2 grams of indoor flower. MUST TRY!
  • Acapulco Gold 1g Ultra Potent Vape Cartridge – $75
    • Once you experience this creamy, toffee-tasting slice of heaven in a cartridge, you’ll understand why it’s one of the best Sativas in the world. This vape is incredibly high testing…everyone loves gold for Christmas! 




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