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Cannabis and its compounds have long been used to help provide relief for a wide variety of symptoms. Some of these symptoms can impact your mood and your ability to enjoy a workout. You may not be surprised to find out there’s a potentially beneficial relationship between cannabis and workout performance.

Should You Smoke Cannabis and Workout?

Everyone is different, but you may experience benefits from the cannabis and workout combination. There are a number of benefits that marijuana can provide that directly improve the strides made during your workout. Likewise, cannabis and workout recovery can go hand in hand. We’ll take a look at that more momentarily. First, let’s bench the preworkout step.

cannabis and workout

Can You Use Cannabis in Your Workouts?

When is the best time to use a cannabis workout supplement? It depends on many factors. First, how do you want the bud to affect you? If you want it to help you power through a tougher workout, you might want to consume an energy- or focus-oriented sativa before your exercise routine. Keep the consumption just light enough to have an effect to guard against distraction or impairment. It helps that some research indicates that THC works as a bronchodilator, helping with deep breathing and opening airways.

You can also apply a cannabis topical to any joints or muscles that give you grief during a workout. Just be sure that it’s supporting the good kind of workout push, not using cannabis helping you push through injury pain that needs time to heal. 

Cannabis and Workout Recovery

The faster your recovery, the more gains you can get during your workouts. Cannabis and workout recovery work together in perfect harmony when you use the right products. For example, two base problems for athletes are inflammation and chronic discomfort. 

As it turns out, cannabis has been shown to be a potent anti-inflammatory. It also helps reduce certain types of pain. For reference, studies show THC has twice the anti-inflammatory potency as hydrocortisone and twenty times that of aspirin. That’s a mighty boost to your workout recovery dilemma. Using a cannabis topical to combat post-workout soreness alongside something ingestible can help you get even more out of the plant. 

Likewise, there’s a connection between marijuana and sleep. Better sleep means a better day when you’re awake! Ensuring you’re well-rested can play a massive role in your followthrough on future workouts. After all, the biggest hurdle for many of us is keeping the regular routine. Cannabis can help you secure that restfulness. In a review on the studies and clinical trials thus far in relation to cannabis and sleep, research suggests that CBD, specifically, may: 

  • Help with excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Reduce nightmares and night terrors associated with PTSD
  • Provide relief from REM sleep behavior disorder
  • Deliver short term relief from sleep apnea
  • Improve sleep, in general
  • And so much more!

As you can see, the list is incredibly extensive and the reasons why you should try the cannabis and workout system are plentiful. In the end, it all comes down to preference. You may be able to take the runner’s high to the next level when you bring marijuana into the mix.

cannabis and workout

Final Thoughts: the Plant as a Cannabis Workout Supplement

Do you like to consume cannabis and workout? Maybe you prefer the cannabis and workout recovery aspect of the plant. No matter what your preference, we hope we were able to help you better understand the plant as a powerhouse cannabis workout supplement. Head on over to our menu to check out our topicals and other products that may support your fitness goals.

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