What Is RSO?: Everything You Need To Know About Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a concentrated cannabis oil that is quickly becoming a favorite of many medical cannabis patients. But most RSO is not intended for smoking or vaping like many other concentrated oils. So just how do you use it? And just who is Rick Simpson? Keep reading to find out!

What Is RSO?

Rick Simpson oil is a thick, sticky cannabis oil that typically comes in a needleless syringe that makes it easier to dose. This full-spectrum extract harnesses the full therapeutic power of cannabis and can be used in several different ways. Almost tar-like in consistency, Rick’s oil is usually made from heavy indica strains that produce a strong body buzz and little cerebral euphoria.

Who Is Rick Simpson?

Rick Simpson is a Canadian man who created his patented oil in order to better treat his skin cancer. After being diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma on his arm in 2003, Rick was inspired by research that revealed the healing powers of THC, the most abundant cannabinoid in cannabis. Having previously used cannabis to manage a different condition, Rick set out to create a cannabis oil that could be applied directly to the cancer lesion on his skin.

After using his extract to treat his lesion, Rick’s skin cancer went into remission, convincing him of the healing potential of cannabis. Rick was soon cleared of cancer and took it upon himself to spread his message and share his oil with the people that needed it most. Despite pressure from authorities, Rick has successfully spread the word and taught many others how to make his oil. You can now find Rick Simpson Oil on dispensary shelves all across America, including ours!

How Do You Use RSO?

There are a few different ways to use Rick Simpson Oil.

One way to use it is by applying it sublingually. Just place a tiny drop of it on a spoon and lick it with the bottom of your tongue. This will allow it to be absorbed by membranes under the tongue from where it can enter the bloodstream and begin producing effects within a matter of minutes.

Another way to use it is by ingesting orally like an edible. You can once again use a spoon to dose it directly from the syringe, but this time lick it with the top of your tongue and swallow it. If you don’t like the taste, you can always mix the oil with a liquid or food that can make it easier to get down. Adding it to a piece of toast or mixing it into some pudding can work very well.

Lastly, you can apply Rick’s oil directly to your skin just like Rick did. Just place a drop of it wherever necessary and stick a bandaid over it to make sure that it doesn’t wipe off.

How Much Rick Simpson Oil Should I Use?

Due to its potency, it’s important to be careful when dosing RSO.

It’s recommended that you start with a dose the size of half a grain of rice. As you eventually build tolerance to the THC, you can up the dose, but only by a tiny amount. Ingesting too much Rick Simpson Oil at once can result in experiencing the side effects of THC such as an overwhelming high, anxiety, paranoia, and drowsiness. If you find yourself getting too high, there are certain things you can do to help yourself calm down.

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