Ask a Budtender: How Long Does a High Last? (and How to Make It Last Longer)

how long does a high last

If—like us!—you love cannabis and you want to get the most out of this miraculous plant, we can bet there’s one question that tends to pop up again and again: How long does a high last (and how do I make it last longer)?

Like most things, there’s no one simple answer. But we’re going to wade into this complicated topic regardless and give you some basic guidelines as well as some pointers as to how you might be able to extend your high. Ready? Let’s dive in!

How Long Does a High Last? The Basics

There’s a short answer to this question and a slightly longer one. First things first: 

If you inhale cannabis—whether by smoking or vaping—being high usually lasts about 1 to 3 hours.

But of course, there’s more to the story. What about edibles or tinctures? Because they’re processed through the liver rather than the lungs, the cannabinoids in these products take longer to come on—typically an hour or two—but they last much longer, often from between 6 and 12 hours. That’s why we always remind our customers: Please wait at least two hours for the full effects of edibles to become apparent!

This brings us to the next topic: Knowing how long a “typical” high lasts, is there anything you can do to extend it? Maybe. While there’s any number of myths and urban legends, we’ll share a few of the best-documented ones with you next.

how long does a high last

How Long Does a High Last (and How Do I Make It Last Longer?)

As you might expect, most of the theories about making a high last longer center around combining other substances with cannabis. Here are some of the most popular methods (along with a sure-fire one centering more on removing a substance, not adding it)!

Cannabis and Tea

Once upon a time, “tea” was slang for “cannabis.” And it turns out there may be a connection: Research shows that tea interacts with our body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS), just like cannabis does. This has led some researchers to speculate that tea has a mild “entourage effect” with cannabis. True or not, it’s certainly pleasurable!

Go Nuts. No, Really!

We all know that nuts can be a delicious, all-natural snack. But there’s evidence that eating them in conjunction with partaking in cannabis can actually intensify your high! That’s because the Omega-3 fatty acids found in almonds, pecans, walnuts, macadamias and other nuts can interact with the same receptors that bind with cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. A 2017 study detailed the process in detail; anecdotally, though, the effect is temporary. Once you start boosting your intake of Omega-3s, the effect of feeling an intensified high lasts around a week.

how long does a high last

How to Stay High Longer: Take a T-Break

Here’s one way to extend your high we can recommend with total confidence: It’s called the “t-break” (or “tolerance break”). Research supports the notion that forgoing cannabis for a couple of weeks resets your tolerance and restores your sensitivity to all the delightful effects of cannabis.

When you’re ready to try cannabis again, go slow! Because your tolerance will be back to its baseline levels, you should need less cannabis to stay high longer. And the less you use, the longer your tolerance will stay low. But your enjoyment, we sincerely hope, will be sky high!

Do you have any other questions about how to get the most out of cannabis? Just ask! And if you’re interested in trying some of the best California-grown cannabis for yourself, did you know that we offer delivery all throughout the Sacramento area? Hit us up to learn more!