Kind - 2:1 CBD 16MG 2PK CAPSULES
THC: 11mg
CBD: 21mg
Kind Caps are made with organic coconut oil that has been infused with whole-plant cannabis material. CBD 2:1 is a more balanced ratio with twice the amount of CBD than THC. Our naturally Indica leaning 2:1 Caps address many concerns including pain, inflammation, anxiety and insomnia. Our pure plant CBD is very effective with: immune-boosting, as a mood-stabilizer, or in treating chronic conditions, injuries, surgeries. CBD is very effective in treating specific health issues such as seizures/epilepsy, IBS, cancer, etc. Kind Caps are sugar free, dairy free, and gluten free, which makes our Kind Caps great for people with food allergies, restricted diets due to medical conditions (such a diabetes, Celiac, etc.), or those who are being mindful of what they are putting into their bodies. Our Kind Cap CBD 2:1 2 Pack capsules are 11mg CBD and 5.5mg THC per capsule and have 22mg CBD and 11mg THC per package.
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