Fun Games to Play Online While High

We live in a golden age of recreational legalization, and the modern world offers more ways to enjoy your cannabis products than ever before. While classic cannabis pastimes like watching movies on the couch or listening to good music will never go away, there are other great activities to consider as an accompaniment to your marijuana delivery purchase. For those in search of a fun game to play online with friends while high, look no further than these exceedingly popular installments in the multiplayer gaming landscape.

online games to play while high


A cultural smash hit from its inception, Fortnite has swept the world with its quirky style and fast-paced, addictive manner of play. Fortnite players are treated to a “Battle Royale” of action, dropping them into an immersive map that has them battling it out with their fellow gamers for the honor of being the last person standing at the end of each match.

Fortnite’s legacy goes far beyond its gameplay, though, as the many taunts and dances featured in the game have found their way to a wider pop culture audience. These days, you never know whether you will encounter a reference to Fortnite when watching a random Youtube video or scrolling past a meme on social media. This natural charm has given Fortnite a relevancy and staying power that few games end up accomplishing throughout their existence.

online games to play while high

Games to Play While High: RuneScape

One of the classic examples of online role-playing games, RuneScape is yet another extraordinarily worthy option for cannabis consumers in search of a satisfying gaming experience. While becoming familiar with all of the game’s mechanics may entail a learning curve, those who stick with RuneScape for an extended period of time will be rewarded.

The colorful visuals and incredibly deep world of RuneScape will delight even those who aren’t under the influence of a cannabis high. Likewise, the skills system offers thousands of hours of content for players who want to maximize the abilities of their characters, so putting down the game may be difficult once you pick it up.

Fall Guys

Fall Guys is a special gem in the roster of multiplayer titles and is another great game to play online while high. While the aesthetics of Fall Guys may emphasize its cartoony, eye-popping graphic style, make no mistake: The game offers serious competition that has rocketed Fall Guys to the top among Twitch streamers and other online players. 

The developers of Fall Guys are constantly updating the game with new “seasons” of content that feature additional levels and costumes, so purchasing a copy means the fun never ends. It’s recommended to play Fall Guys with a controller, but gamers can get by when just using a keyboard.

online games to play while high is similar to Fall Guys and Fortnite in that the game offers a field full of other players to duke it out with on the leaderboards for the title of top player. However, offers simpler graphics and an even simpler manner of play, putting gamers in control of a tiny snake with the goal of eating other players and growing as large as possible.

Games with start off casual and quickly become intense as controlling the snake becomes more of an unwieldy task. However, players can jump in as many times as they want, and those who play after consuming products from our marijuana delivery service may find themselves completely enthralled in’s realm.
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