Sacramento Loves: Stiiizy – Product Review

Stiiizy is a California-based cannabis brand known for producing a wide range of high-quality cannabis products. From top-shelf flower to delicious vape pods and cured concentrates, there’s something in Stiiizy’s award-winning lineup of products for everyone. If you’re looking for consistently outstanding cannabis products that simply ooze style and scream quality, then Stiiizy is for you. 

stiiizy cannabis

Stiiizy Vape Pods

Stiiizy pods are where it all began. In recent years Stiiizy has expanded into producing a variety of high-quality products, but their Stiiizy pods are still the main attraction. Stiiizy vape pods have established themselves as some of the best vape products around—and for good reason. They’re flavorful, potent, and consistent. 

There are three different varieties of Stiiizy pods: Original, Silver, and Gold. 

The original Stiiizy pods are made using botanically-derived terpenes that offer a consistently balanced aroma and flavor with each and every puff. Available in a wide variety of different strains, these pods can be enjoyed in both 0.5 gram and 1 gram sizes. 

stiiizy cannabis

Silver Stiiizy vape pods are made using cannabis-derived terpenes extracted directly from Stiiizy’s single-source cannabis plants. Each silver pod features the natural terpene profile of that individual strain that provides a cannabis vaping experience authentic to the cultivar. 

And last, but certainly not least, are Stiiizy’s live resin pods. Their live resin oils are made from flash-frozen cannabis material that preserves as much of the original plant’s terpene profile as possible. Produced seasonally in small batches, these live resin pods are truly a treat. 

stiiizy cannabis

Stiiizy Concentrates & Extracts

Their vape pods aren’t the only extracts that Stiiizy produces. They also produce a selection of various cannabis concentrates, including curated live resin, live rosin badder, live rosin jam, and live resin diamonds. With both solvent-based and solventless options to choose from, Stiiizy’s extracts make for a flavorful and hard-hitting dabbing experience. 

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