Sacramento Loves: Sundae School – Product Review

Sundae School is probably one of the most unusual cannabis brands you will ever see. This one-of-a-kind brand brings cannabis and fashion together so that their customers can do more than just enjoy high-quality cannabis; they can show their love and appreciation for it through the clothes they wear, too. 

Sundae School was founded on the idea that there’s creativity and a desire for self-expression in all of us, and that cannabis can provide us with the outlet we need to make the most of it. By offering outstanding cannabis pre-rolls and their fashionable ‘smokewear’—Sundae School gives cannabis lovers an outlet to engage with cannabis more deeply and personally. 

Sundae School

Sundae School Cannabis – Quality Flower, Premium Pre-rolls

When it comes to cannabis buds, Sundae School specializes in making finely-rolled pre-rolls. But before it can be rolled, it must be grown, and Sundae School’s approach to quality all starts with the flower. 

Their cannabis buds are grown energy-efficiently, and without the use of harmful chemicals, by their social equity farm partners. These farms use sustainable agricultural methods, waste reduction methods, energy-efficiency practices, and water conservation methods to do their part to preserve the environment. This commitment to sustainability doesn’t end once the buds are grown and harvested. All packaging used for Sundae School cannabis pre-rolls, including the joint tins and mini-bags, are 100% recyclable. 

Sundae School

Sundae School Marijuana Pre-rolls – Bullet Size or Party Size 

There are two kinds of Sundae School marijuana pre-rolls: bullets pre-rolls and party pre-rolls.  

Bullet pre-rolls are named for their small size. But don’t let their tiny stature fool you, these tightly-rolled 0.3 gram joints pack a punch that will send you sky-high in no time. Designed to help you achieve the perfect on-the-go buzz, these joints are a great alternative to any half-burned doobies or tiny pinner joints you may have sitting around for shorter sessions. If you’re looking for a nice buzz that isn’t likely to put you over the top, Sundae School marijuana bullet joints are a great option for you. 

Does 0.3 grams sound like it’s just not enough? If you’re looking to go bigger, Sundae School’s party joints may be a better option. These 1.0 gram joints are packed with the same potent, high-quality flower as their bullet joints—there’s just more of it. This joint is perfect for enjoying at a party, with a friend, or just by yourself. 

Both bullet and party joints come in three different varieties: Eureka, Nightcap, and Kickback. The Eureka joints are packed with high-thc, sativa-dominant ground flower and are topped with fine sativa-dominant kief. The nightcap joints are loaded with high-thc, indica-dominant flower and are also topped with indica kief. Meanwhile, their Kickback variety contains ground flower with a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio—perfect for producing a more mild buzz.

Sundae School Cannabis – High Fashion Smokewear

Sundae School have also created a lineup of unique cannabis-inspired apparel that is sure to catch the eye of every marijuana aficionado. From fresh summer wear and outerwear to stylish face masks and other branded pieces, there’s a wide range of apparel items to keep your look fresh. Check out their current lineup to see what’s new right now

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