“Enhanced” Viewing: Best Historical Dramas to Stream While High

We don’t know about you, but when it comes to a real deep dive into history, there’s nothing like combining two of life’s great pleasures: the immersive thrill of historical films and the especially great attention-focusing power of marijuana. Watching a captivating historical drama while high has a way of sweeping you up into the story, helping you appreciate the passions and emotions that motivated the historic people, represented by their onscreen characters who make their stories come alive for us.

But with so many thousands of movies to stream, where do you begin? We did the research. Here are our top-notch list of movie suggestions, courtesy of your friends here at The Sanctuary, your local marijuana dispensary. Visit them for essential supplies, then snuggle up to watch a mind-blowing selection of top-shelf films! 

Presenting: Best Historical Dramas to Stream While High


A breakout smash released in late 2020, this steamy drama brings the world of early 19th-century London society to life like never before. What’s the twist? This version of high society is racially integrated, putting a very current spin on what might otherwise be a standard lace-and-ruffles affair. We’re not surprised that it quickly shot to Netflix’s #1 spot in no fewer than 76 countries!

Possible Pairing: Ice Cream Cake Diamonds by Cali Blaise

A sweet confection enfolding hints of vanilla and sugary dough? Yes, please! This wonderfully sedative indica concentrate was tailor-made for dropping into blissful nighttime TV-watching (or perhaps an early bedtime)!

Lovecraft Country

Another genre-twisting show that puts an unexpected spin on stories we thought we knew, this HBO breakout hit takes a story of the 1950s Jim Crow South and juices it into an absolutely chilling sci-fi / horror series. The plot is a twist on tales that are courtesy of author H.P. Lovecraft, one of the 20th century’s most significant (and controversial, by today’s standards) creators of supernatural fiction.

Possible Pairing: Alien OG by Sessions

If there’s a better strain for intensifying the alien nature of this surprise, horror-historical hit, we’ve yet to find it. Look for an out-of-this-world aroma of dank kush, sparkling lemon, and brisk pine. You’ll feel alert and inspired, but watch out for the creeping sedation that might sneak up on you….

The Knick

Though it only ran for two seasons, this pioneering historical drama was widely recognized as a pathbreaker, seizing upon current themes such as medical science, racial equity, and addiction—all viewed through the lens of a New York City hospital in the year 1900. The show’s lead, Dr. John Thackery (played by the showstopping English actor Clive Owen), struggles to advance the field of medicine and attract a wealthier clientele, all while struggling to contain his addictions to cocaine and opium. 

Possible Pairing: Rockstar Infused Pre-Roll by Cali Heights

Despite his dark secrets, some might say Dr. John Thackery is a true rockstar of the Victorian era. And this potent crumble-infused preroll will make you feel like one too, delivering a punch of sweet grape flavor and a heady high that aims to blast away end-of-day stress and strain.

Les Misérables

History 2

Not a fan of musicals? Don’t worry, there’s no simmering in this dynamite adaptation of Victor Hugo’s 1862 novel. Instead, you’ll be treated to a sumptuous and gripping drama about love, mortality, and the struggle for social justice in 19th-century France. Once again, an Englishman comes to the rescue: In this case it’s Dominic West, whom you may remember from another critically adored miniseries, HBO’s smash hit The Wire.

Possible Pairing: PB Souffle by Phinest Cannabis

What’s more French than soufflé? With a distinctly earthy and nutty bouquet, this indica will melt anxiety and stress away, leaving you to fall blissfully into this wonderfully-realized spin on the classic period drama.

Babylon Berlin

If the combination of late-’20s Berlin, neo-noir storytelling, and fantastically engaging plot twists and storylines makes you perk up your ears, this exceptional German-produced series is a must. And while the attention to historical accuracy and Berliner vibes is right on the money, it’s far from being a politics-driven show. Instead, the focus is on character, intrigue, and a keen eye for the classic police procedural. It’d be a heady mix under any circumstances, but the period trappings and detail make it all the more delicious. 

Possible Pairing: Chocolate Chip Dip by Korova

What does a cannabis-infused chocolate chip cookie have to do with 1920s Berlin? Beats us, but this delicious twist on a beloved snack will put a special smile on your lips as you take in the visual and stylistic perfection of this outstanding historical drama.
Speaking of delicious, you’ll want to pay a visit to your our marijuana dispensary first to enjoy this exquisite historical drama to the fullest! You can also ask the in-store team for their rec’s on which strains are best for watching a movie or show while high.