Supporting Cannabis Justice

The Sanctuary is proud to be the first dispensary in Sacramento to carry REEForm/Puff pre-rolls. The first product to come to market is a 1 gram co-branded REEForm pre-roll. The pre-roll is Jailbreak OG (OG Kush x Bruce Banner) and tests at 23 THC %. One dollar from every pre-roll sold will go to commissary accounts.

Angelos was an up-and-coming music producer and recording artist whose world was turned upside down when he was targeted by a confidential informant and a local drug task force in a sting operation that, according to The Nation, “reeked of entrapment.” At the age of 23, Angelos had worked closely with luminaries like Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur’s recording group and was preparing to release albums that included stars like 2Pac, Snoop, P!nk, and Nas. He was sentenced to a mandatory 55-year sentence for a first-time offense: selling $900 of cannabis to a childhood friend-turned confidential informant.  The unjustness of his sentence caught the attention of prominent celebrities including Alicia Keys and Bonnie Raitt, political figures like Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Mike Lee (R-Utah), as well as The Washington Post and the Koch brothers, who all advocated for his release. In 2016  Angelos was released after serving 13 years of a 55-year sentence.

Angelos, the driving force behind REEForm Cannabis said, “As more states legalize, the race for profits is going a lot more quickly than the race for justice.  It takes individuals who challenge the status quo to speak up because those incarcerated have had their voices muffled.  With REEForm Cannabis products, consumers are able to directly participate in the movement and smoke with integrity.  It’s a conscious decision that will help another human being.”

You can find REEForm on our online menu!