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There’s plenty to like about blunts. They’re one of the most iconic ways to smoke marijuana. But that’s not all–they’re utilitarian, too. And above all, they get you super high. Rolling the perfect blunt can be a challenge, though. That’s why we compiled this list of blunt-rolling tips from the experts at a Citrus Heights cannabis delivery service.

How to Roll a Blunt According to a Citrus Height Cannabis Delivery Service

Here’s where we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of rolling blunts. First, we’ll cover any gear you need. Then comes a step-by-step guide to rolling blunts.

What You’ll Need to Roll a Blunt

Before you can get started, you’ll need to gather the right supplies! It doesn’t take much to roll a blunt, but you will need:

  • Blunt wrap or cigar: Dutch Masters, Games, White Owls, Phillies, Backwoods, and Black and Milds all make great blunts. If you’re still new at this, buy a backup!
  • Your favorite kind of weed: indicas are a classic and perfect for kicking back and relaxing. Sativa blunts can be invigorating and useful for creativity.
  • Extra possibilities: some additional tools like a poking device, razor, and grinder can come in handy. 
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Step-By-Step Guide to Blunt Rolling

  1. Break Weed Up: use either your fingers or a grinder to break up your weed. Grinders are extremely helpful here since they break your weed up into small particles that are easier to roll. Break your weed up before you even open your cigar or wrap’s packaging. That way, you can preserve your blunt’s freshness. 
  1. Empty Cigar: experienced blunt rollers have mastered the art of splitting a cigar down the seam with just their fingers. For everyone else, razor blades make this task a breeze. Cut in a straight line and empty out your blunt guts into the trash. If you’re using blunt wraps instead of cigars or cigarillos, congratulations! You can skip this step.
  2. Prep and Fill Cigar: after you empty the guts out of the blunt, you’ll want to moisten the leftover cigar paper. You can do this by directly wetting it with water, or by holding it in your hands and using your breath. Don’t get it too wet, though, or it’ll disintegrate. After you moisten the blunt, fill it with your weed.
  3. Roll Up: now it’s game time. Roll the blunt between your fingers to encourage its curve and form your weed into a tube shape. Then, tuck one side under the other and roll as tightly as possible. Then, lick the upward edges of the blunt and roll it against a surface, squeezing it together while you do so. If your blunt is packed too loosely, you can use the poker to push inwards on the open edges.
  4. Spark Up and Enjoy: blunts can take a little while to spark up, but once they’re burning they hit like cannons.

Trust This Citrus Heights Cannabis Delivery Service for All Your Blunt Needs

Need some weed to fill your blunts with? We’ve got you covered! Shop at this Citrus Heights cannabis delivery service and get top-shelf flower delivered directly to your home!

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