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Open Daily: 7AM - 9PM
2500 Grand Ave., Sacramento, CA 95838

Medicinal Marijuana DispensaryMedical Marijuana Store Near MeMedical MarijuanaMedical Marijuana Products ∴ Citrus Heights, CA ∴ Folsom, CA ∴ West Sacramento, CA

The Sanctuary welcomes medical cannabis patients to shop at our modern, secure, and inviting dispensary located in the heart of Sacramento. From THC dominant to CBD and a wide selection of cannabinoid and terpene profiles, we provide a natural, safe and effective alternative to the side effects of pharmaceuticals. Let our knowledgeable staff be your guides, help you navigate our wide array of products, and assist your wellness journey with compassion.

Medical Cannabis from The Sanctuary

We strive to not only share the curative potential of cannabis but to educate. An informed patient makes better decisions, feels confident in them, and finds greater satisfaction and success. Ask questions, explore and open your mind to possibilities galore. Along with the unique characteristics of different strains, there’s a wide variety of consumption methods. Our exceptional flower is on display, where you can appreciate the color, and texture and even hold the secure container and take a whiff of the distinctive aromas.

Find Relief from Medical Cannabis

Want discrete medicine? Consider our easy-dosing and compact tinctures. Want simple? Our wide selection of carts require nothing more than the touch of a button. Prefer classic flower? Sample our affordable singles and packs of pre-rolls. Don’t overlook our extracts, topicals, beverages, and an impressive menu of tasty edibles. Shop our gear, deals and join our VIP list. Browse in-person or via our website, place an order by phone or online, take advantage of free parking, and enjoy access to our on-site ATM. Opt for in-store or curbside pickup or let us come to you with no extra fees for delivery across Sacramento, Roseville, Citrus Heights, Represa, Folsom, West Sacramento, and North Highlands, CA.

Medical Marijuana Products in Roseville, CA | Medical Marijuana Store Near Me Citrus Heights, CA | Medical Marijuana Represa, CA

Medical Marijuana, Medicinal Marijuana Dispensary & Medical Marijuana Products Sacramento, CA, West Sacramento, CA, Represa, CA, Folsom, CA, Roseville, CA & Citrus Heights, CA

Medical Marijuana in West Sacramento, CA | Medical Marijuana Store Near Me Represa, CA | Medicinal Marijuana Dispensary Citrus Heights, CA

Medical Marijuana Store Near MeMedical Marijuana ProductsMedical MarijuanaMedicinal Marijuana Dispensary ∴ North Highlands, CA ∴ Represa, CA ∴ West Sacramento, CA

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