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Open Daily: 7AM - 9PM
2500 Grand Ave., Sacramento, CA 95838

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The Sanctuary encourages thorough browsing of our wide and incredible array of cannabis products, accessories, and merch. For the recreational enthusiast, medicinal patient, long-time devotee, and beginner, we’ve got everything you’re looking for and more. Discover something new and exciting. Find your favorites. Check out the brands you love, trendy strains, unique rarities, and everything from classic flower to innovative vapes. We even offer options for your pet!

Cannabis Products for Every Occasion

For your convenience, The Sanctuary includes free parking and an ATM on the premises. While we hope you have some time to spend, we cater to busy schedules with online ordering, in-store pickup, and curbside pickup. We’ll even deliver to your door with no extra fee. Whatever is easiest and best for you, that’s just fine with us. We make customer service a priority. Stop in, give us a call, consult with our friendly and knowledgeable staff and enjoy! The Sanctuary is a short drive from anywhere across Sacramento, Roseville, Citrus Heights, Represa, Folsom, West Sacramento, and North Highlands, CA.
A sample of our extensive collection of cannabis options includes:

  • CBD – Edibles, tinctures, and capsules offer the curative potential of CBD, without the psychoactive effects of THC, for both you and your pet.
  • Flower – Sourced with high standards, our flower not only caters to affordability but exemplifies color, texture, smells, trichomes, pistils, terpenes, cannabinoids, and everything you’d expect from top-quality bud.
  • Prerolls – Singles, and packs of infused and non-infused pre-rolls from the most sought-after brands pack a punch, deliver outstanding flavor and simplify a perfect, consistent burn every time.
  • Edibles – Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, peanut butter cups, Krispies, macarons, and chews in incredible flavors from birthday cake and cookie dough to fried apple and sour peach are just a sample of an extraordinary menu of tasty cannabis edibles.
  • Extract – Hybrids, sativas, indicas available in diamonds, FSO, sugar and more fulfill the most refined taste and highest expectation with the most desirable terpene and cannabinoid profiles.
  • Plant – Often referred to as “weed,” marijuana is relatively easy to grow, especially when you start with exceptional quality seeds and clones from well-known brands.
  • Beverages – Ready-to-drink cannabis beverages are convenient, offer accurate dosing, ideal for anyone who prefers not to inhale their cannabis, available in THC-dominant, CBD-dominant, and balanced formulas, and feature a refreshing selection of flavors.
  • Tinctures – From high doses of THC to CBD and CBN, our compact, discreet and easy-to-dose tinctures are the right choice for Lights Out, Beauty Sleep, Mood Magic, Stay Lifted, and even your pet!
  • Pills – CBD, CBG, and THC capsules and pills offer lots of options, simplicity, measured dosing, consistency, and concentrated cannabis and provide an effective alternative to smoking and vaping.
  • Merch – Lighters, papers, batteries and even custom The Sanctuary attire adds fun, flair and functionality to your personal experience.
  • Topicals – Cannabis-infused creams, roll-ons, and transdermal patches apply easily, absorb quickly for discreet delivery of cannabinoids and terpenes and localized treatment of pain, inflammation, and more.

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