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Dabs are easily one of the most popular trends in the cannabis world. Unless you’re a new smoker, you’ve likely heard of dabbing before. In this guide, we’ll show you how to do dabs like a pro. This will help you conserve product and get a better hit, so let’s dive in.

Tools to Learn How to Do Dabs

Concentrates aren’t new, but they do continue to rise in popularity. Before we dig in too far, we want to make sure you have all the necessary tools handy.


This one is the most obvious. In order to dab, you need something to dab. Wax, shatter, and other concentrates are the perfect fit.

Dab tool

The device you use to pick up your dab is almost just as important as the dab itself. Fingers won’t do! A typical dabbing tool is an elongated piece with a sharp point at the end, often made of stainless steel or glass.

Dab Rig

Technically, you can’t dab without a dab rig. You’re learning how to do dabs, after all. We’ve upgraded from the days of putting wax into our blunts or on top of our bowls.


Finally, you obviously need a torch to light it up. A standard lighter just won’t do. Kitchen torches and mini torches are often the perfect accessories.

How to Do Dabs: Step by Step

Now, onto the good stuff. Maybe you already know how to do dabs, but you need a refresher. Maybe you’re completely new to the world of dabbing. No matter what, we’ve got the steps to make this a breeze.

1. Pick Up Your Dab

This is where that dabbing tool is going to come in handy. Using your dabbing tool, break off or separate the smallest chunk of wax or shatter. Sometimes, you can stick your dabbing tool to the wax and it will pull off the amount you want.

Proceed with caution for this step, though. You can pull off too much. Start small and work your way up — especially if you’re a newbie or it’s been a while.

2. Heat Your Nail

Next, take your tiny torch and light the nail portion of your dab rig. Some people wait for the nail to get red-hot, then hit it. However, lower temperature dabs are less harsh on the lungs.

3. Allow to Cool, then Dab

Once you get your nail unreasonably hot, let it cool for a few seconds. Then, press your dabbing tool to the nail and watch the wax melt onto it. It vaporizes almost instantly, so make sure you inhale!

Once you get your nail unreasonably hot, let it cool for a few seconds. Then, press your dabbing tool to the nail and watch the wax melt onto it. It vaporizes almost instantly, so make sure you inhale!

How to Do Dabs: The Bottom Line

We hope this guide was helpful in showing you how to do dabs. Now, it’s time for you to go get some practice in. Be sure to look through our line to see which of your favorite concentrates we have today. You can even save time and hassle by ordering delivery online through our Sacramento Dispensary platform.

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Great place! The staff is wonderful, friendly, attentive, knowledgeable, and welcoming. The products are well organized. I highly recommend this dispensary to anyone. Their only con is the parking which isn’t terrible but you may have to park on the street or across the street.

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I’m telling you – delivery is the way to go! I use to take the drive every few weeks and sit in the lobby then only to have to wait in line to pay. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is always friendly and they are always quick and efficient.

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My favorite part was the fact that they allow you to smell every strain before you buy it. This is a great way to find the perfect product for your needs. And as you know, “the nose knows best”

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