Why You Should Grow Your Cannabis Plants From Clones


When you think of growing, your mind might first turn to seed — but cannabis seeds aren’t the only option. You can actually grow from cannabis clones too and have better results than trying to plant from seed. Growing your plants from clones can take much of the guesswork out of growing cannabis, plus it can save you time and make the whole process less stressful and frustrating for those without a green thumb.  

What Are Cannabis Clones?

Cannabis clones are cuttings that have been taken from one plant and re-planted in order to grow a whole new plant. Clones get their name from the fact that the new plant contains the exact same genetics as the old plant – kind of like if you were to actually have cloned them. 

Clones are made by using scissors to cut a small branch off of the ‘mother’ plant. When growing with clones, you don’t need to use any seeds. Instead, just plant the clone cutting in a growing medium such as rock wool or coco coir and allow it to root. Typically, clones are then ready to be planted in soil within 10–14 days. 

What Are the Advantages of Growing Cannabis from Cannabis Clones?

Using clones is usually less frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive than doing it the old-fashioned way. Here are just some of the many advantages to growing your cannabis plants from clones instead of seeds.

Clones Are the Sure Thing 

Clones will deliver exactly what you saw in their mother plant. Growing from clones means you know exactly what to expect as far as what kind of plant you’re going to end up with. 

This also means that you can clone your best plants and keep harvesting them. You can expect that your clones will have the same cannabinoid profile, terpene profile, grow time, and yield as the mother plant did. You can also expect your clones to produce the same kind of mind-altering and therapeutic effects

It also means that you will know the exact gender of the plant. Since only female plants can sprout cannabis buds, seeds that sprout male plants are practically useless. But by using a cutting of a female plant, you can skip the frustrating process of germinating male plants just to toss them out.

Clones Are Time-Savers

Depending on the method you use, germinating a seed can take anywhere from 36 hours to 7 days. Additionally, you’ll need about another 3–4 weeks to tell if it’s a male plant and about 5–6 weeks to tell if it’s a female plant. But by growing directly from clones, you can skip this process altogether. 

Clones Can Improve Harvest Times

Growing from a clone can end up saving you weeks of growing time. By skipping the seed germination process, you can speed up your growing time and harvest your buds more quickly. And if you’re waiting to harvest your current plants before beginning your next grow, using clones and skipping seed germination means getting to the next batch even faster. 

Using Cannabis Clones Is Cheaper

Seeds aren’t free. The more seeds you plant to try and sprout a female plant, the more expensive it will be. Save your money and grow from a clone instead. You’ll be saved from the frustration and the cost of sprouting male plants. 

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