Joints, Blunts & Spliffs – Everything You Need To Know About Rolling One Up


Rolling up a joint is one of the most time-tested and iconic ways of enjoying cannabis. But if you prefer rolling one up, you should know that joints are just one way of doing it. Joints, spliffs, and blunts, are all great options for rolling up and smoking cannabis. What’s the difference between joints and blunts? What even is a spliff? Here’s what you need to know about each one.


In simple terms, joints are basically ground cannabis rolled up in paper. Because they are rolled in white papers, they tend to resemble cigarettes, but actually contain no tobacco or nicotine whatsoever.

Joints are great for a number of reasons. For starters, smoking them can be a really enjoyable and laid back experience. What better way to pass the time than by passing a joint around with your friends? And thanks to being so small and portable, you can pretty much take them anywhere you want.

Joints are also super simple to roll and smoke. There’s no need for any paraphernalia or bong water or anything like that. Just some papers, a lighter, your favorite ground cannabis, and you’re good to go.

Rolling Joints


There are many different joint-rolling strategies to use, depending on the kind of joint you want to roll. Check out some joint-rolling techniques and see what works best for you. Don’t waste your time with complex rolling methods if you’re a beginner. It’s best to start off just rolling a simple joint before graduating to the harder stuff.


Blunts really kick things up a notch. They can pack a lot of bud and tend to produce somewhat harsher smoke due to their thickness. Traditionally, blunts were rolled using cigar wraps, and many still are. But today you can also buy specially-made blunt wraps designed specifically for rolling these magnificent beasts.

Blunts are great for when you want to extend a session or for when you are smoking with a lot of people. They can really take a while to burn through and you’ll definitely be sky high by the time they’re done doing their thing. Just try not to get too high!

What’s The Difference Between Joints and Blunts?

When it comes to the difference between joints and blunts, there are a few points worth exploring.

For starters, blunts are typically bigger, hold more cannabis, and take longer to smoke than a traditional joint. Blunts are also more flavorful because the wrap is much thicker and contributes to the overall smoke much more than a thin rolling paper would. And if flavorful smokes are your thing, keep an eye out for flavored blunt wraps. Available in flavors such as peach, apple, melon, strawberry, and more, flavored wraps can really add another element to your smoking experience.

Rolling Blunts


The one catch with blunts is that because of their size and the rolling material used, they can be quite a bit harder to roll than a simple joint. It’s important to be careful when rolling blunts since some wraps can be dry and fragile. Additionally, since there’s no glue on it like there would be on a joint paper, it will take some more saliva and skill to get one of these bad boys wrapped tightly.


Spliffs are basically just joints with some tobacco mixed in. Thanks to their nicotine content, spliffs will definitely pack a punch, especially if you aren’t a regular smoker. You can expect a spliff to give you more of an energetic and heady buzz, but only at the beginning. After some time, the effects of the tobacco will wear off and you’ll be left with that familiar cannabis buzz. 

To roll up a spliff, just mix together some ground cannabis flower and ground tobacco. Roll these up like you would a regular joint, and voila! Pay attention to the ratio of cannabis and tobacco that you use. A spliff containing more tobacco and less cannabis will pack a bigger punch right off the bat but may be weaker in the long run.  

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