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Are you looking to take your vaping experience to the next level? Cali Heights was founded on a simple premise: Give the everyday consumer the exceptional cannabis products they want at a price they’re happy to pay.

Cali Heights founder Eric Theise has been an integral part of the California cannabis industry for years, getting to know consumers, budtenders, cultivators, and even security guards. He knows that the California cannabis consumer is mature, savvy, and knows what they want. 

By maintaining strict control of everything from production to distribution, Cali Heights keeps it fresh and keeps it real. That dedication to simplicity and dependable quality runs through all the company’s products, from the popular Cali Heights vapes and disposables to their incredible oil- and crumble-infused Cali Heights pre-rolls. Want to know more? Here’s a guided tour of some of the company’s most popular offerings.

Cali Heights Vape Line

Cali Heights disposable 1g cartridges are the backbone of the company’s offerings. Because the company’s cannabis concentrates are produced in-house from premium California-grown flower, the quality stays high while the price remains chill. Some of the best-selling options include:

Cali Heights Key Lime Pie 1g Cartridge: Packing over 88% THC this single-origin, heavy-hitting indica offers a distinctly citruslike flavor followed by a classic kush-like sedation and long-lasting euphoria. Sneak a bite of this pie and watch stress, aches and pains go bye-bye. It’s also popular for helping lull you into deep and restful slumber.

Cali Heights Blue Cookies 1g Cartridge: Boasting 83% THC and .18% CBD, this single-origin concentrate is produced from a hybrid designed to bring together the best of two worlds, the classic Blue Dream sativa and Cookies indica. You’ll love the euphoric (and delicious!) taste and feel, and you’ll marvel at the way anxiety and stress seem to just fall away.

Cali Heights Northern Lights 1g Cartridge: Boasting a whopping 88% THC and .2% CBD, this potent concentrate is also unbelievably tasty, delivering notes of deep, dank earth, refreshing pine, and aromatic bay laurel. Take a gentle hit and feel this legendary strain’s creative uplift rush in. If you’re in the grip of aches and pains, you’ll soon feel the pressure drip away as a gentle numbing effect takes hold. Definitely a vape to keep around for a rainy day!

Cali Heights Pre-Rolls

In addition to their popular vapes, Cali Heights produces some truly exceptional and potent pre-rolls. Some of our current faves include:

Rockstar 1.5g Pre-Roll: A cross between Rockbud and Sensi Star, this potent infused pre-roll gives off a mouth-watering flavor and aroma of sweet grapes with a spicy finish. We love it for taming stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia!

Cali Heights Extract

It’d be a shame to have access to all this exceptional flower and not make something special with it! Cali Heights extracts are renowned for their clean flavor and exceptional potency. Some of the examples we carry include:

Willy’s Kush Sauce

Topping out at just over 78% THC, this delicious concentrate delivers flavors of tropical and citrus  fruits with a subtle earthy funk. Fans love it for its persistent but not overwhelming euphoria; many turn to it to tame anxiety, stress, and depression.

Biscotti Crumble

When you’re ready to chill at the end of a long day, it’s tough to beat this flavorful and well-loved extract. From the earthy spice notes to the powerfully euphoric sedation, this is one cookie you’ll always want to keep your jar stocked with…. 
Thanks for checking out our exceptional selection of cannabis products from Cali Heights (and many other fine purveyors!). Do you need suggestions, or have questions about specific products? Just ask! We’ll always take care of you.

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Happy Customers

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Great place! The staff is wonderful, friendly, attentive, knowledgeable, and welcoming. The products are well organized. I highly recommend this dispensary to anyone. Their only con is the parking which isn’t terrible but you may have to park on the street or across the street.

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I’m telling you – delivery is the way to go! I use to take the drive every few weeks and sit in the lobby then only to have to wait in line to pay. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is always friendly and they are always quick and efficient.

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Everyone was friendly and welcoming. I had specific questions and I was instantly helped. Definitely will be a return customer and would recommend to anyone. The flower is displayed very well with the ability to look at it with a microscope and smell it. All in all excellent experience!!

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The Sanctuary is a great experience from every angle. Online ordering is a breeze, delivery is prompt and friendly, selection is extensive. Security on-site is always professional, the budtenders are all knowledgeable and friendly. Their process from check in to check out is efficient and the environment is fun and enjoyable, I always leave there feeling like I just hung out with some friends for a few minutes.

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My favorite part was the fact that they allow you to smell every strain before you buy it. This is a great way to find the perfect product for your needs. And as you know, “the nose knows best”

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