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Whether you’re a medical marijuana patient looking for relief or a recreational cannabis user looking to kick back and have some fun, you can’t go wrong with cannabis tinctures. 

What Are Tinctures?

Tinctures are concentrated cannabis extracts in liquid form. Traditionally, they were made by soaking cannabis flower in alcohol for long periods of time so as to allow the alcohol to strip the plant matter of all of the good stuff. After the mixture is drained and separated, what remains is a liquid extract that contains almost all of the cannabinoids and terpenes that would have been found in the original plant material.

However, since alcohol can be somewhat irritating when applied under the tongue, most modern tinctures are made using other liquid bases like MCT oil, grapeseed oil, and others. 

Before cannabis prohibition, liquid extracts were actually the most common way to ingest cannabis for medical purposes. Thanks to their effectiveness and ease of use, these incredible cannabis concoctions are making a comeback and can be found on dispensary shelves all across the country.

How Do You Use Tinctures?


One of the main advantages of liquid extracts is how easy, discreet, convenient, and flexible they are to use. There are several ways to use a cannabis tincture.

The most common way is by applying the liquid sublingually. When placed under the tongue using a dropper, the contents of the liquid are absorbed by membranes underneath the tongue and inside the cheeks, from where they can enter the bloodstream. To use a tincture sublingually, just load up the dropper and place some under your tongue. Allow it to sit there for a few minutes before swishing it around your mouth and swallowing it. It’s recommended that you avoid eating or drinking anything for at least 5–10 minutes in order to make sure it all gets absorbed.

Tinctures can also be swallowed whole to produce effects similar to an edible. Just swallow the liquid or use a dropper to add it to other liquids (coffee, soda, juice) or foods (pudding, yogurt). When swallowed, the contents of the tincture will be absorbed through the stomach and can produce effects for as long as 4–6 hours. However, this consumption method does have a lower bioavailability rating.

Ready to try out some cannabis tincture for yourself? Check out these liquid extracts that you can find on our online menu right now.

Care By Design 1:1 Full Spectrum CBD Drops


These 1:1 full-spectrum drops deliver an even dose of THC and CBD, allowing you to make the most of both of these incredible cannabinoids. This liquid extract leverages the entourage effect to produce a calm and relaxing buzz while still providing plenty of therapeutic value.

Papa & Barkley 30:1 CBD Releaf Tincture

These 30:1 full-spectrum drops provide a solid dose of therapeutic CBD with no euphoric or stimulating effects whatsoever. Featuring 450 mg of CBD per bottle, these drops provide great value for medical cannabis patients.

Canna Lean 1000 mg THC Tincture

You can expect enjoyable euphoric effects with every drop of Canna Lean’s THC tincture. These drops will have you blissfully relaxed in no time. Just be careful not to get too buzzed!

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Great place! The staff is wonderful, friendly, attentive, knowledgeable, and welcoming. The products are well organized. I highly recommend this dispensary to anyone. Their only con is the parking which isn’t terrible but you may have to park on the street or across the street.

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Everyone was friendly and welcoming. I had specific questions and I was instantly helped. Definitely will be a return customer and would recommend to anyone. The flower is displayed very well with the ability to look at it with a microscope and smell it. All in all excellent experience!!

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I’m telling you – delivery is the way to go! I use to take the drive every few weeks and sit in the lobby then only to have to wait in line to pay. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is always friendly and they are always quick and efficient.

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The Sanctuary is a great experience from every angle. Online ordering is a breeze, delivery is prompt and friendly, selection is extensive. Security on-site is always professional, the budtenders are all knowledgeable and friendly. Their process from check in to check out is efficient and the environment is fun and enjoyable, I always leave there feeling like I just hung out with some friends for a few minutes.

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My favorite part was the fact that they allow you to smell every strain before you buy it. This is a great way to find the perfect product for your needs. And as you know, “the nose knows best”

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